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All string, keyboard, wind, brass, and percussion students accepted into LSM 2019 are invited to audition for the opportunity to perform a concerto solo with the LSM Festival Orchestra during its final concert. Accepted students may submit the online application form and audition recording, due on or before May 15, 2019.

Please read the following carefully.  Incomplete or late concerto applications will not be considered.

Phase 1:  On or before May 15, 2019

Candidate submits the online Concerto Audition Form found below.

Candidate submits a video audition recording of the complete concerto movement with piano accompaniment. The recording must be submitted in one of two ways:

  1. Upload the video to YouTube and email a link to:

  2. Submit a DVD recording of your performance to the LSM offices. Clearly mark your name and selection on the DVD and mail it to: Lutheran Summer Music, P.O. Box 8687, Minneapolis, MN 55408

Phase 2:  By June 1, 2019

A panel of LSM faculty artists and staff will review all submissions and select up to seven finalists.  All candidates will be notified of the selected finalists by email.

Phase 3:  On June 28, 2019

Selected finalists will perform their concerto with piano accompaniment for the entire LSM community as part of the first student recital on Friday, June 28, 2019. Performers must have the complete concerto movement memorized; no exceptions will be made. A jury of LSM faculty artists will select one student musician to perform with the LSM orchestra during the final concert. 

Phase 4:  On July 20, 2019

The LSM concerto will be performed with the Lutheran Summer Music orchestra, under the direction of the Phyllis and Richard Duesenberg Endowed Orchestra Chair. 


  • Students must prepare one complete movement of a concerto in its entirety. Abridged arrangements are not accepted. All works should be for solo instrument and orchestra.

  • The audition recording must include the student’s performance of a complete concerto movement, with piano accompaniment.  Total length of the concerto movement, and therefore performance, should not exceed 18 minutes. 

  • To give as many students this opportunity as possible, no LSM student will be chosen as the concerto soloist more than once.

  • Students are limited to one concerto audition per year per instrument. Students may be considered for the concerto audition on no more than two distinct instruments per year by applying separately, and submitting separate audio recordings, for consideration. 

  • To be fair and consistent with all candidates, we are unable to accommodate late submissions.

  • As with any concerto performance accompanied by a student orchestra, the length and difficulty of the orchestral accompaniment must be taken into consideration. In addition, rental fees for more recent compositions can be cost-prohibitive. Therefore, it is critical that students consider these issues when choosing their concerto repertoire, so as to not be eliminated from consideration on this basis alone.  Standard concerti from the Baroque and Classical Eras would be very appropriate choices, as would be most of the concerti from the Romantic Era.  20th Century and more recent works may be more problematic. Candidates are encouraged to consider these factors when selecting and preparing their audition. If desired, students may confirm the appropriateness of their concerto before applying, by emailing the LSM admissions office at


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