LSM Tuition Reduction

The Board of Directors is proud to take the first important step in a new key strategic initiative: removing the financial barrier to LSM attendance.

I am so thankful for the opportunity to have been a student at Lutheran Summer Music. I have grown in so many ways from this experience, not only musically, but as a person
— LSM 2018 student

Lutheran Summer Music is thrilled to launch a new tuition plan which will make LSM accessible to even more deserving students and build upon the growing enrollment of the past three years. David Krause, chair of the Board of Directors, says of this decision:

"By reducing the financial burden on families, we hope to open the doors wider and allow every young musician to see themselves at LSM".

Effective immediately for 2019, the total cost of tuition will be $2,495 for the full four weeks of LSM. This is a $1,000 reduction from the past several years. Thanks to the generosity of many supporters, LSM tuition is more accessible than ever.

Lutheran Summer Music is committed to transparent pricing. While $2,495 is the absolute most any student will pay, every student has the opportunity to reduce their personal cost even further. To reward fundraising efforts and honor the students' supportive communities, Lutheran Summer Music is simplifying the process to acquire Matching Grants. Matching Grants available to students will be increased from 33% to 50% for funds raised in their communities. Students who take advantage of the Matching Grants can reduce their out-of-pocket cost to under $1,000.

It is the hope of Lutheran Summer Music that by reducing tuition and supporting fundraising efforts, we may welcome more young musicians to take part in the transformational experience of LSM.

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