LSM 2019 Concerts and Events Archive

Whether or not you made it to LSM 2019 Festival Week, you can now experience every major concert and event in high definition video. It has never been easier to share LSM with your community! By sharing these excellent performances and meaningful worship services with others, you can welcome more people to the LSM community, and help ensure the legacy and traditions of LSM continue for generations to come.

Below each video is a link to the corresponding concert program or worship bulletin, so that you can follow along with the repertoire, participate in the liturgy, learn more about the performers, and see the names of hundreds of LSM supporters who made this Festival Week possible.

LSM 2019 Bach Cantata Eucharist Service

View the service Bulletin

Hymn Festival presented by Lutheran Summer Music and the National Lutheran Choir

View the Hymn Festival Bulletin

Lutheran Summer Music Festival Band Concert

View the Festival Band Concert Program

Lutheran Summer Music Festival Choir Concert

View the Festival Choir Concert Program

Lutheran Summer Music Festival Orchestra Concert

View the Festival Orchestra Concert Program

Lutheran Summer Music 2019 Festival Eucharist

View the service bulletin

Lutheran Summer Music Guest Artist Concert: After Hours Barbershop Quartet

(No program)

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