Match Grants

I truly felt like I was a part of something bigger than myself. My summer at LSM was by far the best summer I’ve ever had.
— LSM 2018 student

LSM tuition is a maximum of $2,495 per student for all four weeks. This is inclusive of all musical instruction, housing, meals, and activities.

Match Grants   

LSM will support your fundraising efforts by providing a 50% match for funds you raise in your community.

Out-of-Pocket Cost   

Taking advantage of Match Grants, students can easily reduce their out-of-pocket cost to under $1,000 dollars.


Lutheran Summer Music Tuition: $2,495

Half Session: $1,750*



LSM Tuition

We strive to make LSM accessible to all.  The $2,495 tuition price is only a fraction of the true cost per student to attend LSM, as tuition is heavily subsidized through the contributions of hundreds of donors.  These contributions lift the financial burden on families and allow a growing number of students to have the transformative LSM experience. 



Match Grants

We offer a robust matching fund program which allows many LSM families to reduce their out-of-pocket cost to less than $1,000.  Donations from a community organization or church are eligible to be matched by LSM at 50% percent. Match grants are available for the Full Session only.

Match Criteria

  • Funds must be received no later than May 15, 2020.

  • LSM will only match funds that are received in the form of a check with the business/organization name on it.

  • Funds from individuals do not qualify for an LSM match.

  • The maximum match-eligible contribution is $1,000. Above that, our match will remain at 50% of $1,000, which is $500.

  • Any congregation or organization who provide a local scholarship(s) for students to attend LSM are automatically enrolled as a Young Musicians Partner. 

Learn more about the Young Musicians Partnership >

*Match Grants are available for the Full Session only.



How much will I actually pay for LSM?

The absolute maximum anyone will pay to attend LSM is $2,495.   Most students who take advantage of the Match Grant will pay between $995-$1995 for the full four weeks of LSM.   Some students raise enough funds to cover their entire tuition! 



Fundraising your way to LSM

Our goal is to assist all qualified students so they are financially able to attend LSM.  When you raise funds within your community, we want to acknowledge and celebrate your efforts by providing a match!

We want to provide you with some helpful ideas to support your fund raising efforts. By resourcing locally, past LSM students have raised funds above and beyond what was needed to make LSM financially possible.

Here are some ideas to get you started

  • Church Groups – Adult choirs and women's groups are often very excited to support a young musician. Meet with the director/leader and offer to play or talk about LSM to the group.

  • Local Civic Organizations – Area Rotary, Lions Clubs or other civic groups may have discretionary funds to help your efforts. If they choose to support you, offer to perform a recital and speak about your LSM experience when you return home as a thank you.

  • School Music Boosters – School music departments and/or parent music boosters often have money set aside to help students attend summer music programs. Check with your teacher if this is available.

  • Local Music Clubs/Ensembles – Local music clubs or ensembles, such as youth orchestras or adult community bands, may have scholarships for youth to attend summer music programs.

  • Give a Benefit Recital – Put on a recital by yourself or with a friend who also wants to go to LSM and ask for donations. You may also be able to do this as part of Sunday morning worship services, with the day's offering going toward your attendance. Meet with the Senior Pastor and Church Music Director to start the planning process.

  • Perform for Church Events – Offer to play at weddings, funerals or other special events taking place in your congregation. Speak with your Church Music Director or Senior Pastor about getting in touch with people who might want you to perform.

  • Create a Twist on Traditional Fundraising Ideas – Hold a "classical car wash" by inviting classic car enthusiasts to a car wash. You could even play classical music!

Get Started TODAY & please call us if you need support!


Post-LSM Scholarship Opportunity

LSM is a superb pre-college experience for young musicians. To support our work, many Lutheran colleges offer any student who attends LSM and goes on to attend their school a scholarship through our Collegiate Partnership.


How to Ask for Tuition Help in Your Community

  • Tell your audience about yourself (what instrument you play, how long you’ve been playing, why you enjoy being a musician, etc.).

  • Explain a little bit about LSM and distribute some brochures.

  • State why you want to attend LSM and what you’re most excited about.

  • Tell them your fundraising goals and request their financial support.

Remember, be polite, friendly and enthusiastic! When people hear you are working hard to reach such an exciting goal, they will be more likely to help you.


  • On or before May 1, 2020: 50% of all non-match eligible payments received, less the deposit and application fee will be refunded.

  • On or before June 1, 2020:  25% of all non-match eligible payments received, less the deposit and application fee will be refunded. 

  • On or before June 15, 2020: Match eligible funds are refundable to churches and organizations only. No other refunds will be provided.

ONCE THE ACADEMY IS IN SESSION, in any event that you are dismissed or you decide to withdraw for any reason, fees will not be refunded.  It will be your responsibility to repay or otherwise keep good faith with congregations or other persons who contributed financial support directly to you.  Lutheran Music Program is not responsible for repayment or refund of any funds which were not awarded directly by the Lutheran Summer Music Academy & Festival.