Lutheran Summer Music Tuition: $3,495

Half Session: $1,750*


LSM Tuition

Includes all instruction, activities, room, and board. We strive to make LSM affordable for families with our generous financial aid.

*Financial aid, scholarships, and discounts, in any form, are not available for the LSM Half Session.  

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Pay Tuition

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2018 Enrollment Deadline

Students wishing to attend the 2018 Lutheran Summer Music Academy & Festival should apply by May 15, 2018, which is our priority deadline for Financial Aid opportunities. 

We will take applications past May 15th, however there will be no guarantee of Financial Aid. 

Family Financial Aid Scenarios

These tuition scenarios are only examples. Actual financial aid breakdown may vary. Hover over the charts to view details.



The following forms of tuition assistance are ONLY available for the Full Session. 

Need-based Assistance

Based on your family's most recent 1040 tax form and special circumstances as noted on your application. 


Merit-based Scholarships

These are awarded to students who show strong musical and technical proficiency as demonstrated by a submitted audition recording. These scholarships range from $100 to a maximum of $500.

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Match Grants

Donations from a community organization or church are eligible to be matched by LSM at 33% percent.

Match Criteria

  • Planned match funds must be denoted on the student application.
  • Funds must be received no later than May 15, 2018.
  • LSM will only match funds that are received in the form of a check with the business/organization name on it.
  • Funds from individuals do not qualify for an LSM match.
  • The LSM match will be applied to tuition only when the match-eligible funds are received.
  • The maximum match-eligible contribution is $1,500. Above that, our match will remain at 33% of $1,500, which is $500. 


Young Musicians Partnership

Congregations or schools who provide a local scholarship(s) of at least $500 for students to attend LSM qualify for this partnership. LSM will give each student from a partner member a $300 discount, and the scholarship will qualify for a percentage match.

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If you know someone who would make a great addition to the LSM community, we'd love to have them join us! When you recruit a new student to attend LSM, both you and your recruit will receive a $100 tuition discount and special recognition during LSM. Nomination forms must be submitted before your recruit submits their online application.

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Transportation Grants

This grant can help offset the travel expense for students who must travel a great distance to reach LSM.


Post-LSM Scholarship Opportunity

LSM is a superb pre-college experience for young musicians. To support our work, many Lutheran colleges offer any student who attends LSM and goes on to attend their school a scholarship through our Collegiate Partnership.

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Fundraising for LSM

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*Please Note: To ensure that funds are available to the greatest number of students with demonstrated financial need, LSM reserves the right to determine individual maximums for all financial assistance.


  • On or before May 1, 2018: 50% of all non-match eligible payments received, less the deposit and application fee will be refunded.
  • On or before June 1, 2018:  25% of all non-match eligible payments received, less the deposit and application fee will be refunded. 
  • On or before June 15, 2018:  Match eligible funds are refundable to churches and organizations only.   No other refunds will be provided.

ONCE THE ACADEMY IS IN SESSION, in any event that you are dismissed or you decide to withdraw for any reason, fees will not be refunded.  It will be your responsibility to repay or otherwise keep good faith with congregations or other persons who contributed financial support directly to you.  Lutheran Music Program is not responsible for repayment or refund of any funds which were not awarded directly by the Lutheran Summer Music Academy & Festival.