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Irvine, CA
Scholarship Amount: $1,000 bonus added to music scholarship (renewable annually)
Number of Scholarships Available: unlimited

The LSM Alumnus Scholarship is automatically added to any music scholarship earned by alumni of LSM through Concordia's scholarship audition process. Music scholarships are awarded based on talent, character, and instrumentation need. Non-music majors have the same eligibility for music scholarships as music majors. In some cases, non-majors are awarded at the highest level. In 2012, new student music scholarships ranged up to $16,000. These are awarded in addition to academic awards. In fact, the average new student with a music award in 2012 received over half tuition. Many received far greater awards. The scholarship is contingent upon satisfactory participation in The Concordia Choir, Concert Handbells, Concordia Wind Orchestra, or Concordia Symphony Orchestra. The student does not need to be a music major to receive this award (or any other music scholarship).

Concordia University Irvine is a small Southern California Lutheran university (app. 1,400 undergraduates) that provides big opportunities for musical performances and study. Music is one of the most prominent aspects of Concordia's identity. The student musician population, environment, and faith-based approach at Concordia is very similar to the LSM experience.