Is LSM only for Lutherans?

Absolutely not! As a faith community, Morning and Evening Prayer are based in Lutheran liturgy with an emphasis on musical traditions. However, we welcome all faiths and denominational backgrounds and invite students to participate to their level of comfort.


What about the host campus?

Go to Valparaiso University Website >


How do I get to/from LSM if I am flying in to/out of Chicago?

LSM offers a charter from Chicago O'Hare (ORD) airport for an additional fee. It is generally good advice to arrive at either airport before 2:30pm on Sunday, July 1st**. The shuttle will begin at O'Hare and end up at Valparaiso University. There will also be a shuttle that leaves Valparaiso University on July 15th (for half-session students) and again on July 29th (for full-session students), again stopping at O'Hare. This is a private charter that LSM contracts for delivery to/from Valparaiso University.

**(Details will emerge later with schedules for the shuttle)


I'm going to the ECLA Youth Gathering. Can I still come to LSM 2018?

Yes! You can travel with our staff from the Gathering to LSM on July 1! Here is the flight that you must purchase to travel from the Youth Gathering to LSM:

United Airlines Flight #1256 --> Houston (IAH) to Chicago O'Hare (ORD)


The $50 shuttle fee includes transportation from the NRG Convention Center in Houston to George Bush Airport (IAH) and transportation from Chicago O'Hare International Airport (ORD) to Valparaiso University. 


Why should I choose LSM?

  • A Supportive Community. You will be musically challenged by our faculty, but you'll also find a nurturing environment. Cut-throat competition is set aside in favor of personal achievement. We are here to celebrate your musical gifts and work together in  musical excellence for high quality performance experiences during Festival Week.

  • A Center for Performance. Daily recitals let you experience excellence in performance. Our amazing faculty return year after year because they treasure the opportunity to both teach and perform. You will learn from the outstanding performances you witness, and then you will become the performer in solo, chamber and ensemble settings.

  • A National Community. Our students, faculty and staff come from across the country and around the world. The diversity of our community brings voices and perspectives you will not find with a local or regional program.

  • A Faith-Based Experience. Spiritual growth is encouraged and nurtured at LSM. We intentionally link music and worship to foster a bridge between your spiritual life and your musical life. Morning and Evening Prayer welcome all of us into a community of hope, forgiveness and musical celebration.

  • A Superb Pre-College Experience. Live in a dorm with roommates, turn to a trained counselor who lives right on your floor for advice and ideas, manage your own daily schedule, and still find plenty of time for fun and friendship. LSM is a great glimpse into college life- plus you will qualify for college scholarships through our Collegiate Partnership!


Is LSM ADA accessible?

We are accessible. Lutheran Summer Music and all our programs provide a welcoming home for students with disabilities. All of our activities take place in facilities that are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and staff and faculty are ready to create a successful learning environment for all participants.

Contact us to learn more about ADA Accessibility >