Fremont, NE
Scholarship Amount: $1,000 and up
Number of Scholarships Available: Unlimited

ARTS scholarships in choral, instrumental, technical and theatre performance, worship ARTS, and ARTS management are available to Midland students in all areas of study. We believe students succeed when they are rewarded for their commitment to their passions as well as their academic achievements. We care most about a student’s potential and desire to learn. Significant scholarships are offered to individuals who consider themselves: team players, teachable, positive influences, passionate, dependable, driven to learn, creative, able to commit, and willing to share their talents in ways that make the world a better place.

Located just 30 minutes from Omaha, Nebraska, at Midland we find success in encouraging each student as an individual. One of the benefits of being a small campus is that we are able to remain flexible to the needs of our current students, who are diverse in their goals. Our ARTS cast members are a mix of athletes, nursing students, business majors, as well as those who will become music educators and arts professionals. Some come to us with a vast level of performing arts experience, and some experience the stage for the first time while at Midland.