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About the Young Musicians Partnership

The Young Musicians Partnership (YMP) is a growing network of congregations who encourage youth in the music traditions of the church by establishing a local scholarship of at least $500 for students to attend Lutheran Summer Music (LSM). In doing so, your congregation will receive the benefits of partnership:

  • $300 tuition discount for all member youth. Just one scholarship qualifies all youth from your congregation for the same discount.

  • Matching Funds: Local financial support is eligible to be matched by LSM at 33%. That means a YMP congregational scholarship of $1,000 becomes $1,333.

  • Partner resources to help communicate the scholarship to church members. Many churches hold special concerts and fundraisers or provide special scholarship funds established in the congregational annual budget. We have many tools for local use, along with examples from across the country of how other congregations have set up their scholarships.


Why does this matter?

For more than 30 years, LSM has offered youth the opportunity to explore their faith and experience musical growth while studying the heritage music of the church. When students leave LSM, they carry that legacy to their home churches and throughout their lives. Ensuring that the rich tradition of music found in the church will remain stong, youth return to their congregations with new skills and a sense of confidence to share their gifts and serve their church. The Young Musicians Partnership helps encourage students in this growth.


Moving Forward

  1. Determine the amount of your local scholarship and communicate with us what you plan to provide so we can set aside matching monies.
  2. Communicate the scholarship within your church. Host an LSM Sunday, notify your youth choir, etc. We have many resources available including posters, brochures, and custom worship bulletin inserts.
  3. Submit the Online Enrollment form on this page. This is an annual enrollment, and the form needs to be resubmitted each year. This allows your congregation to customize the scholarships to fit your churches changing needs.

Click here to download the 2018 Sending Litany.



Young Musicians Program Scholarship Application

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Young Musicians Partnership Primary Contact Name
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